The Breathable Home©

Healthy Energy Efficiency For Your Home

The Breathable Home Story

Bo Jespersen, owner.A sweet older client said to me, “Now, don’t make my house too tight- I want to make sure it can still breathe!”  Wise words, I thought, and ones we should not forget as we tighten our homes in Maine and save on heating bills for winter. Homes that are too tight result in poor indoor air quality causing mold, mildew and health issues. The concept of The Breathable Home© is to understand the benefits of the homes of yesteryear, and apply them to homes we work on today. We must do this without sacrificing the efficiency, health, safety, or durability of the home. It all starts with a home’s breathability or ventilation. It is the first thing we test before we work on your home, and the last thing we test before we leave.

Why We Are Your #1 Choice for Energy Savings

News: We are Efficiency Maine's Participating Energy Advisor of the Year. Read more...Thermal image of house.

The Breathable Home© offers expert, performance-based, full energy retrofits and energy audits. We work directly with homeowners, landlords and new construction contractors throughout Central Maine. We are experienced with everything from basic attic treatments to deep energy renovations. For quality assurance we follow all BPI standards on each and every job. View a full list of our services. Energy savings through energy upgrades is our primary service. We’ll personally ensure the best results in terms of health and safety, comfort, building durability, and energy savings by overseeing each project from start to finish. Each job includes a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified energy audit provided by Kennebec Home Performance. A scope of work is crafted, and tailored to your budget and concerns. I encourage and welcome your questions and participation throughout the entire process. To start the process or to answer any questions please call me, Bo Jespersen, at (207) 512-2408.

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Efficiency Maine Process.We've developed a simple step-by step process to take you from the energy audit to final inspection of completed work. Start now and receive up to $2,000 cash incentive and save 50% on heat and hot water usage. This is a first come first serve program that ends when the money runs out. We are an award-winning Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner.

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Schedule an Audit

A home energy audit is the first step to assess how much energy your home consumes and to evaluate what measures you can take to make your home more energy efficient. An audit will show you problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time. You must have an audit to receive federal cash incentives. Schedule an energy audit today with one of our certified energy auditors.

Efficiency Maine Home Energy Savings Program

Efficiency Maine has extended this program and continues to offer cash incentives up to $2,000 on qualifying projects. Cut your energy costs from 20 to 50 percent and Efficiency Maine will help pay for your upgrades. Call us to learn more or visit the program site at Efficiency Maine.

The Breathable Home Guidelines for Success

  1. The golden rule when working on a home is to "Do No Harm".

  2. Allow homes to breathe like those of old, but still make them as energy efficient as possible.

  3. Build tight, use the right products, and ventilate right.